A Brief Interlude

Hello! You may have noticed a lack of updates in the past two weeks. Unfortunately, in the midst of finals my laptop decided to join the technology revolution and promptly crashed. Through much begging, cursing, resisted physical violence, and the occasional keystroke, I managed to get it working once more—albeit losing my notes and Photoshop in the process. Sorry about that.

I would like to thank everyone who has read, liked, or followed my blog in the past five months (whether through your own interest or coercion due to our friendship). This started off as an independent course for the final semester of my senior year at college, and while my graduation is looming on the horizon, I have no intention of abandoning this blog. There are far too many fascinating diseases, microbes, and strange biological phenomena to explore! However, to celebrate my survival and miraculous completion of college, I will be traveling for the month of June. I will not have any computer access while traipsing across the globe, so my blog will be on a brief hiatus until July.

Thank you once again for being such awesome readers, and I’ll see you in a month!


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