About the Blog

Hello and welcome to Biogeekery! This weblog began as an independent study during my final semester at college, and has now taken on a life of its own. Generally, it consists of translational research on biological topics ranging from diseases to bizarre animal behaviors. All posts are based on primary research and will hopefully provide you with an entertaining insight into some of the fantastic biological phenomena in our world.

About the Author

My name is Sara Little, a science nerd with a bachelors in biology from Amherst College and a current PhD student in Pathobiology at Texas A&M University. I have been a passionate pursuer of the life sciences ever since I was a young child, breeding chickens and traipsing through the woods collecting samples of everything from twigs to bones. Over the years I have refined my interest (somewhat) and pursued degrees in biology and disease, interned at the Hospital for Special Surgery and the biotechnology company Biogen Idec, and worked at the Boston Children’s Hospital as a research assistant and coordinator.

About the Images

All images that do not include citations in their captions (or are photographs)  have been drawn by me! Such illustrations should not be taken too seriously; for example, bacteria most certainly do not have eyeballs and viruses do not hold up host cells at gun point.

I created the header banner as well, from images found at the following sources: thecombines.com; livescience.com; scientificamerican.com; sciencephotolibrary.com; topics.tomwilshere.com; wired.com; ruleof6ix.fieldofscience.com; futurity.org; belladonnakillz.com; allposters.com (Stanley Flegler).


While all my information is gathered from primary scientific papers and resources, I am by no means an expert nor a medical doctor. Please do not make any medical decisions based on anything I have written, as these should be discussed with your personal doctor who understands your unique physiology and situation!


If you have any questions, comments, or requests for topics  feel free to comment or contact me directly at biogeekeryblog@gmail.com.


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