Venom: Nature’s Deadliest Creatures

Animals have been evolving toxins for millions of years, perfecting the art of paralyzing prey, killing targets, and deterring predators. While poison is either ingested or inhaled, venom is toxin delivered directly into the target’s circulation by means of a bite, sting, or other rudely penetrative means. Even the more mild venoms from tiny insects are impressively efficient; a bee can create havoc in an animal hundreds of times its own mass (a 1/10 gram bee compared to a 70 kilogram human).

Despite the fact that some of us experience complete mental breakdowns the minute a venomous creature passes by, humans have been harvesting and utilizing animal venom for hundreds of years. The key to many of these toxins is their astonishing specificity; they bind to an exact spot on a specific protein in only certain types of cell to achieve an precise, and devastating, effect. This incredible feat is far beyond our own ability to engineer, and so we study these toxins, altering them for use in life-saving therapies and medicines. In order to celebrate these amazing chemicals (and because venomous animals are too cool to pass up), let’s see how some of the deadliest venoms work.

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Tetanospasmin and Tetanus: The Second Deadliest Toxin

Remember my past post on botulinum toxin, the deadliest substance known to mankind? Well, it’s time to visit the second runner up. Tetanospasmin is a neurotoxin created by another member of the Clostridium genus: Clostridium tetani. That is one genus you don’t want to mess with! This particular member of Clostridium is the cause behind all those lovely tetanus shots and boosters you have been subjected to through the years. When you consider the fact that you’re being vaccinated against the second deadliest toxin in the world, maybe you won’t mind the needle jab quite as much. In a rather bizarre twist, the neurotoxin has no apparent use or benefit to C. tetani in its natural environment. The intoxication of other organisms, such as us, appears to be mainly incidental.


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Botulinum Neurotoxin: From Weapon to Cosmetic

Botulinum neurotoxin is the deadliest substance on Earth; a single gram would kill over a million people if inhaled and 8.3 million if injected. So, naturally, humans have developed a specific method to inject it into our faces. Believe it or not, this neurotoxin is the primary component of Botox!


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